Couple/Engagement/Maternity/Family Portraits Packages


High-End Retouch Packages


if the magazine quality is important for you (recommended for albums and canvas)


  1. skin correction

  2. body correction

  3. teeth whitening

  4. highlighting eyes

  5. remove small disturb things

  6. harmonize colors

Not included:

  • background change

  • remove big objects

  • remove big tattoos

  • other grafics works

IMG_3266 copy.jpg
  •   1 piece:   € 10

  • 10 pieces: € 100

  • 20 pieces: € 200 (+60x40 cm canvas)

The left (upper on phone) picture is how you get after editing, the right (above on phone) picture is how you get after high-end retouching.

The low resolution is 2400 x 1600 pixel

The high resolution is the maximum size of the picture.



excellent for a UNIQUE, electronic INVITATION or a nice memory about your ENGAGEMENT or from your PORTRAIT session