Our photography combines fashion and emotions. Our eyes specialized in the human body. We take artistic, timeless photographs for those who care about the value of arts.


We're living in Hungary but available worldwide. Adrienn's main profile was glamour and fashion photos, meanwhile, Gergő has started right in the wedding photography. That's how they took each other into their profession. Their goal is to create fresh, elegant, emotional pictures, where You and your love are the main subjects. 

We'd love to know you, your story and your style before the shooting. That's how the result will be natural and feels like there was no photographer around. We want to give you something special, something timeless.



Adrienn Banko

When I was a little child, I always wanted my grandma to give me all the photo albums they have, and I watched them for hours. I was very young when I first started to edit pictures with some photo editor. I have never known what I wanted to be, but I loved photos. Meanwhile, I bought my first DSLR camera the real love has begun there. I started to learn from a famous Hungarian photographer, and immediately I began to shoot first in glamour, then in fashion photographs also. I got published lots of times since then. I'm always learning new things in both photography and photoshop to get better results in the end. I think I'm never fully satisfied with my work. I'm always on to learn more about how to take better pictures. I'm honestly lucky to have my hobby as my job. It always makes me happy to follow great photographers and check their recent work. I love to inspire myself with images. That keeps busy my mind with new ideas. 



Gergely Balazs

I started to dance as a child. I finished the Dance Academy and started my carrier in Experidance after I worked for Operetta Theatre. After all of these hard pro dancer's life, I wanted to do something new, but still, something creative. I was dreaming of something where my body can have some rest. I always loved to take pictures, since I first got a phone with a camera. So I bought a DSLR to try myself with a real camera also. Then I met a guy from a wedding photography business who started to teach me and took me to weddings with him as an assistant and second photographer. So when I built a small portfolio, not only in weddings but in portrait photography also, I decided to quit the dancer's life and started to work as a choreographer and photographer. Since I remember, I've always been interested in arts and always loved what I'm doing. I enjoy taking photos, as well.

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