Our photography combines fashion and emotions. Our eyes specialized in the human body. We take artistic, timeless photographs for those who care about the value of arts.

We're living in Hungary but available worldwide. Adry's main profile was glamour and fashion photos, meanwhile, Greg has started right in the wedding photography. That's how they took each other into their profession. Their goal is to create fresh, elegant, emotional pictures, where You and your love are the main subjects. 

We'd love to know you, your story and your style before the shooting. That's how the result will be natural and feels like there was no photographer around. We want to give you something special, something timeless.




I've been accompanied by a love of photography since I was a child. I love the scent, the emotions it awakens in me. While photographing, I simply cease to exist and something else is what lives in me at such times and takes control of me. I’m simply in love with the whole process, from taking the camera in my hands until handing over the finished end results. There is no day that I don’t look for more and more inspirations or just implement newer ideas. It is my greatest passion and happiness to be able to deal with it every day.


Photographer & Videographer


I'm a young, open-minded guy. I've always been in love with arts. I was dancing and playing music as a child then was a pro dancer for years. Besides, I became interested in photography and wanted to be a photographer. I met a wonderful woman (she's my fiance now) who was a pro photographer. I had luck because she started to teach me and brought me to her shootings. While I've been learning, I had a chance to build my portfolio. My strength is that I portray people well, and I always show the character in the pictures. I have also worked with models and ordinary people. Not a problem if someone has never stood in front of a camera before because I can easily dissolve them with a little conversation even before the photoshoot. 
Very important for me to combine quality and art. I love beautiful pictures and beautiful colors, but black and white photos also have a place in my heart. I never pass on raw images, and I also consider retouching is very important. I always try to strive for naturalness, but obviously, it depends on the customer what she/he wants to see. Today, videography is also a part of my life, driven by perfection in the same way. Because there is movement on the recordings, which I can put exactly rhythm and build a choreography for the finished video, harmony is created and evokes my dancing past.