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We were afraid if they were really worth their price, as they didn't shoot so many weddings earlier.  We were fully satisfied with the result. 

They made beautiful, qualitative images. Some of them could be a little more bright, but we didn't let them know what we want.

I'd recommend their services to other couples.

They are a young and likable couple, that's why we have chosen them.



"We are old friends and worked together a couple of times already. We wanted them to shoot us before our wedding, was obvious, because they are professional. I'd recommend them to everyone."



"When we booked them, they didn't have a website and didn't find so many wedding pictures either from them. I didn't feel their portfolio is enough, but I liked their style. Since then they have a website and facebook site also. Our only problem was to select the pictures, considering how many photos they sent us. I think it would be better in the future if they would send fewer. For example, a selected 200 best ones. Geri captured beautifully intimate moments and feelings. And Adri made pictures of what you can see the cover of magazines, so I felt like a star or a queen. These two talents are a good match in the wedding photography.  I would positively recommend them."



Adrienn & Gergő &Hiro

Our photography combines fashion and emotions. Our eyes specialized in the human body. We take artistic, timeless photographs for those who care about the value of arts.

We are a married couple from Hungary. We're really in love with photography. While Adri was in the fashion and glamour business since years, Gergő has begun to learn photography next to a wedding photographer, so his main profile was always this. We tried to shoot together and realized we fully complete each other, so the results were much better. That's how we build our history. Then Hiro came into our life. Since then we have the cutest assistant in the whole world. 


Adrienn Balázs



Gergő Balázs

Photography & Videography



The cutest asistant

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